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maanantai 11. heinäkuuta 2016

Coco and Hugo - Work in progress

May I introduce you to Coco.

Saanko esitellä Cocon. Ja alla on Hugo. Pieniä virkattuja nalleja, sirkuslaisia, balettitanssijoita tai akateemikkoja - tai ehkä näitä kaikkia - ja joiden tarina ja työstäminen on vielä kesken. Silmien kanssa varsinkin pähkäilen, tehdäkö virkatut vai ommella ne nopsaan muutamalla pistolla. 

Loppu onkin sitten alla englanniksi tällä kertaa samoin kuin linkkivinkki eli ruotsalainen (neule)podcast ja blogi nimeltään Kammebornia, jota on ollut mukava katsella samalla näitä pikku olentoja tehdessä sateisina päivinä. 

And Hugo. (And my messy work desk, but there is some making going on ;-).) 

This is one of my wips and a project that has taken its time. I started crocheting them during Easter and thought that these little creatures would be bunnies, but when the work progressed they became teddy bears instead. 

I especially like the color combinations I managed to find in my yarn baskets and the shape of these little creatures. I find it difficult to get the face right though, because it tells the personality and these guys haven't told me much about themselves. I thought they would be ballet dancers or working in circus, but now that I look at them in their bow ties I think they might be academics instead. Perhaps they are all three. 

And as you see I am still wondering and pondering what to do with the face of Hugo. Should I just keep it simple and sew simple eyes/eye brows with a couple of stitches instead of these crocheted ones? Or shall I try to crochet different kinds of eyes for him? This is the discussion going on in my head. At the moment I think that simple is good (and fast) and I am turning to that direction. I would love to hear your comment as well.  

Otherwise I have been taking it quite slow with crochet projects lately, given them the time they need without trying to think about finishing and making products - in order to keep the joy in the process. I am also teaching summer courses online this summer so it quite effectively narrows the time for other things, but now we are having a few weeks pause and I can concentrate on yarny adventures and other adventures instead.
And here is a new podcast and blog I recommend you to take a look at during the rainy days (which we are enjoying in Finland this summer in plenty). This Kammebornias lovely video podcast has been my favorite while making Coco and Hugo. The podcast is mostly in Swedish, but the subtitles are very well translated. It is such a beautiful podcast with gorgeous knitting projects, funny and warm personalities and good content. 

Wishing you a lovely week! Mukavaa viikkoa toivotellen,


2 kommenttia :

  1. Kammebornia on ihana podcast! Ihana pariskunta. :)

    Ja Coco ja Hugo. Nimeä myöten täydellisiä. Söpöjä.

    1. Kiitos! Ja eikö olekin ihana podcast ja pariskunta, nyt ovat vielä muuttamassa Gotlantiin ja piknik-kirjakin on juuri tullut ulos (jota itse parhaillaan odotan).